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Our temporary event flooring is the perfect addition to any special occasion, whether it’s a wedding, corporate event, or outdoor festival. Our rental company offers a variety of flooring options, including AstroTurf and vinyl, that are installed over a suitable subfloor. The result is a high-end, professional-looking surface that provides your guests with a true venue experience.

Event flooring is designed to add to the overall look and feel of your event. It creates a polished and sophisticated atmosphere that is sure to impress your guests. Whether you’re hosting an outdoor wedding or a corporate gala, our flooring options are the perfect way to elevate the space and create a more memorable experience.

The AstroTurf option is perfect for outdoor events, providing a lush and natural-looking surface that is comfortable for guests to walk and dance on. It’s also durable and weather-resistant, ensuring that your event can go on rain or shine. Our vinyl option is ideal for outdoor events, providing a sleek and elegant surface that can be customized to match the theme of your event.

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Magnif-A-Tent provides a top-of-the-line, temporary vinyl floor covering for any outdoor event you may be hosting. Our experienced team will first install a leveled plywood subfloor to ensure a smooth surface that is safe and comfortable for your guests to walk on. Next, the subfloor is expertly covered with our high-quality vinyl.

Our vinyl floor coverings come in a wide variety of colors and prints, ensuring that we can seamlessly match your specific event theme. Whether you’re hosting a wedding, corporate event, or any other outdoor gathering, our vinyl floor coverings will add a touch of elegance and professionalism to the space.

Our vinyl floor coverings are not only visually appealing, they are also practical and functional. Our vinyl is durable and easy to clean, ensuring that it will last for the entirety of your event and remain in pristine condition. It is also slip-resistant and provides your guests with a safe and comfortable surface to walk and dance on.

Overall, our event flooring is a true high-end upgrade that will make your event stand out. It’s a must-have for anyone who wants to create a truly memorable and impressive occasion. It is a professional and high-quality addition that will help elevate your event to the next level. Contact us today to learn more about our event floor covering options and how we can help make your event unforgettable.